Financial Audit Service for NAP Mongolia project

05 May, 2023

Project name:Building Capacity to Advance National Adaptation Plan Process in Mongolia (NAP Mongolia Project)
Assignment:Financial Audit for NAP Mongolia ProjectExpenditures for the period:  01 January 2022 to 31 December 2022
Application Deadline:12 May 2023, 16 hours
Type of contract:Audit Service Contract
Expected starting date:22 May, 2023
Expected delivery date for Audit report:22 June, 2023


Mongolia has accessed support under the Green Climate Fund (GCF) readiness and preparatory support, and a Project Document was developed called: “Building Capacity to Advance National Adaptation Plan Process in Mongolia (NAP Mongolia Project henceforth)”. The Project was approved and started in June 2018 and is executed by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) with support from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Subject of the Engagement

The audit is limited to the financial report strictly in connection to GCF funds received and executed by MET for the period 01 January 2022 to 31 December 2022 as per the Project Cooperation Agreement (PCA) between the MET and UNEP dated 14 February 2019. The information (financial and non-financial) that is subject to verification by the auditors: GCF funds covered by the scope of the audit; Proper books of accounts have been maintained; All project expenditures are supported by vouchers and adequate documentation; Expenditures have been incurred in accordance with the objectives outlined in the project document and contracts issued in line with procurement rules and regulations of the GCF; The expenditure reports provide a true and fair view of the financial condition and performance of the project.

The audit Firm shall submit to the MET-NAP Mongolia project, the audited financial statements in English and Mongolian languages, management letter with factual audit findings and recommendations including the opinion. For detailed Terms of Reference please contact the project at

Required expertise and qualification

a)       The Audit Firm must be registered in Mongolia and should be authorized to practice external audits in Mongolia.

b)       The Audit Firm must be run by Certified Accountants i.e (CPA, ACCA or their equivalents).

c)       The Audit Firm should, at least, have 3 years’ previous experience in auditing United Nations’ Agencies or/and World Bank supported projects.

d)       Proficient English to deliver a Letter of Management and Independent Auditor’s Report to UNEP ad MET in both languages- English and Mongolian.

Application procedure

Qualified and interested Audit Firms are hereby requested to apply. The application should contain the following:

a)       A notarized evidence of the Audit Firm registration in Mongolia and its authorization to practice external audits in Mongolia;

b)       A notarized evidence of the Audit Firm is run by Certified Accountants;

c)       A brief technical proposal (max. 7 pages) outlining how the expert intend to undertake the work in order to achieve the objectives as stated in the TOR; the technical proposal should at least outline the proposed methodology, tools, work plan including the timeframe for submitting the deliverables of the assignment;

d)       The Audit Firm must provide a profile of the entities it has previously audited including a list of UN funded projects and the qualifications of staff who will participate on auditing this project.

e)       The Audit Manager / Chair Person’s and Personnel CV (max. 2 pages) of the expert indicating his/her education background, professional qualifications, all past experience on auditing similar projects, as well as the contact details including certified copies of diploma and certificates (incl English language proficiency evidence);

f)        A Financial Offer that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract price including professional fees, taxes and any other associated costs.

Applications must be in English and submitted in a single sealed envelope containing two separate sealed envelopes:  One sealed envelope with the Firm’s profile, Technical proposal, and The Audit Manager / Chair Person’s Personal and Personnel’ CV; and One sealed envelope containing the financial offer.

The single sealed envelope, containing two sealed envelopes, should be a clearly marked-up on top “Application for the Audit Services for NAP Mongolia Project” and submitted to the following address before 12 May 2023, 16 hours

NAP Mongolia project


Attn: D.Narantuya

Tel: +77-09-11-42

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