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Post title:Support to develop financing strategy for the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) in Mongolia
Project:MET-UNEP-GCF “Building capacity to advance National Adaptation Plan Process in Mongolia (NAP) Project”
Consulting service:National Consultant to develop a financing strategy, including business plans, financial models and system to  appraise adaptation options for the NAP, based on already existing materials, research and consultations
General Expertise:Climate Change (Adaptation), Environmental Economics, Financing
Duration:90 person days in period of 4 months (September 2023 – January 2024)


The Government of Mongolia received support from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for the  implementation of the project “Building capacity to advance National Adaptation Process in Mongolia” (NAP project). The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the Delivery Partner of the project with the role of supporting and overseeing the project implementation, and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) is the Implementing Partner responsible for the day to day activities of the project. The project supports the government and relevant stakeholders to strengthen the country’s capacity for climate change adaptation, advancing multi-sectoral, medium to long-term adaptation planning and budgeting in Mongolia, and promoting the integration of the climate change adaptation aspects into development policies. This process should ultimately culminate in the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) for Mongolia.

One of the building blocks for the NAP is a Financing Strategy or Plan that provides a coordinated national approach to identifying financing needs, assists in prioritizing potential financing sources and provides a comprehensive process for realizing the financing goals for adaptation, that should finally enable the implementation of prioritised adaptation programmes and projects attached to the NAP. The development of a dedicated financing strategy for the NAP generally entails:

-         Identifying the financing gap, given the estimated total costs of the entire NAP process in comparison to the availability of existing sources of finance to meet these costs. 

-        Determining financing options for prioritized adaptation actions by identifying potential sources of financing and suitable financial instruments, taking into consideration national circumstances and capacities. 

-        Identifying operational next steps to mobilise climate adaptation financing from public, private and external funding source based on the selected financing options

A National Consultant is sought to support all adaptation finance related activities that need to be completed and consolidated in order to come up with a comprehensive Financing Strategy under the Mongolia NAP project, in collaboration with and under the supervision of an International Consultant / Entity. The assignment will identify the Financing Gap, determine the Financing Options and identify operational next steps, including business plans and models to implement these. The ensuing NAP Finance Strategy should be based on the materials already produced by the project, as well as further costing and financial needs to be developed and should follow in-depth consultation and collaboration with MET, PMU, UNEP, the NAP development team, private sector and other relevant stakeholders.

OBJECTIVE The overall objective of the assignment is to develop a financing strategy that informs the NAP and that can maximize public, private and external financial resources to increase NAP implementation, innovation and impact.

The Financing Strategy should be based on the financial needs and cost-benefit analysis of priority adaptation interventions, and informed by available and potential funding as identified by existing studies and previous consultations undertaken throughout the NAP process, plus new analysis and consultations to be undertaken during this assignment. The consultants should work closely with the private sector to develop business plans and models that finance NAP implementation, including through the financial value of ecosystem goods and services generated by Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA) and Nature Based Solutions (NBS).

SCOPE The assignment should develop an effective, efficient and implementable financing strategy for the NAP, based on identified needs, cost benefit assessments of priority adaptation interventions and identified existing and potential new sources of climate finance, including business plans and financial models for private sector participation. The NAP Financing Strategy should be based on existing documents and consultations already undertaken throughout the NAP process, and also take into consideration related initiatives and activities, e.g. other ongoing climate change projects and GCF readiness support, and to be undertaken in collaboration with a National Consultant that will be supervised by the International Consultant.

The assignment under this TORs should be building on and consolidating the results of the documents produced within the project as well as other relevant studies and documents.

New elements will also need to be researched and developed in detail, e.g.:

-            Review of experiences with Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES), Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA) and Nature-based Solutions (NbS) internationally and in Mongolia, and tease out best practices for Mongolia

-            Propose business plans and financial models by working closely with the private sector to demonstrate the financial value of ecosystem goods and services generated by EbA / NBS relevant to climate change adaptation.

-            Prepare training workshop toolkits to strengthen the capacity of relevant stakeholders for financing the NAP, including through EbA and NBS.

TASKS The following Tasks should be undertaken:

1.       Desk review and analysis of above mentioned and other relevant documents, including the CBAs produced under the project, in order to consolidate relevant information and results, as well as determining gaps that will need to be addressed in order to develop the required Finance Strategy.

2.       Desk Review of experiences with Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES), Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA) and Nature-based Solutions (NbS) internationally and in Mongolia, and tease out and propose best practices for Mongolia, and include in the NAP adaptation options.

3.       Research and fill in the gaps established from the desk review above (under Task 1 and 2)

4.       Propose a system to appraise adaptation options, and prioritize the adaptation options identified in the NAP following this system.

5.       Establish the funding gap for NAP actions in Mongolia, based on the prioritized proposed actions from the Draft and Final NAP.

6.       Prioritize and further detail the Financing options as already produced by the Project (under the Document: “Identify potential new public, private, bilateral and multilateral sources of climate finance”)

7.       In consultation with the MET, PMU, UNEP and NAP elaboration Team, develop the Draft Finance Strategy for the NAP, including the relevant information and results of the desk reviews and gaps addressed above, whilst addressing the priority adaptation interventions featuring in the NAP and taking into consideration the funding gap and financing options.

8.       Present and discuss the NAP Finance Strategy with all relevant stakeholders, including MET, other government sectors, private sector, International Organizations and others and obtain relevant feedback, comments and further information needed.

9.       Develop Final NAP Finance Strategy taken into consideration comments of all stakeholders and fitting in and addressing the adaptation priorities of the NAP Document.

10.    Develop and propose business plans and financial models by working closely with the private sector to demonstrate the financial value of climate change adaptation actions, including through EbA / NBS, with specific reference to different sectors and local communities in Mongolia.

11.    Prepare training workshop toolkits to strengthen the capacity of relevant stakeholders for appraising, developing and financing relevant priority adaptation actions, including through EbA / NBS.

12.    Conduct Training on the Toolkit developed above.



  • Master degree or equivalent in economics, finance, public policy, environment, climate;

Experience / skills:

·         More than 6 years of experience in economic and financial analysis, and more than 3 years of experience in climate finance;

·         Demonstrated policy expertise and experience related to environmental and climate change projects;

·         Understanding of, and experience within the field of climate change, and ideally experience in economic and financial assessments of climate change adaptation projects;

·         Extensive knowledge of social, economic, environmental and climate statistics, especially from Mongolia, including qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis;

·         Technical and practical and experience in financial analysis, especially performing cost-benefit analysis and other financial methods;

·         Experience in working with private sector and innovative financing, especially in relation to climate change;

·         Excellent report writing;

·         Demonstrative evidence of communicating the outputs of economic assessments for decision makers in Government or other relevant agencies;

·         Excellent communication skills and experience in working in multi-cultural environments;

  • Fluent spoken and written Mongolian and English.

The experience above should be backed by a list of the delivered reports and previous assignments.


Please include in your application / submission the following:

·         Personal CV, indicating all past experience of similar projects; the contact details (email and telephone number) of the applicant; and names of at least two (2) referees

·         Evidence of similar assignments or contracts undertaken in the recent past e.g., certified copy of official documents/publications depicting the applicant’s experiences

·         A copy of national ID’s and

·         Notarized copies of diploma and academic transcripts

Applications must be in English and submitted in a single sealed envelope should be a clearly marked-up on top the position you are applying for or via below Emails.

Deadline:  16 hours, September 4, 2023

NAP Mongolia project

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