Project title:“Building capacity to advance National Adaptation Plan Process in Mongolia” funded by GCF
Type of work:Development of Tool to document and analyze the success, failure, lessons learned from the NAP process and use its products
Type of ConsultancyEntity: Company, NGO or Group of consultants
Location:Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Application deadline:10 April 2023 16 hours
Expected starting date:17 April 2023
Duration:65 days over 2.5 months


The MET is seeking to recruit an entity / team to work on Output 4.3: “NAP progress reports and communication materials on NAP formulation, implementation, funding and monitoring to learn from the NAP process in Mongolia developed and communicated to various stakeholders (national, international (UNFCCC))” and especially Activity 4.3.1: “Develop a system to document and analyse the successes, failures and lessons learned from the formulation, implementation, funding and monitoring of the NAP process taking into consideration previous relevant initiatives on adaptation in Mongolia” and Activity 4.3.2: “Implement the system referred to in 4.3.1 above, to be to be conducted on a regular basis and beyond the project lifespan, and the results to be: i) disseminated to relevant national stakeholders; ii) integrated into the monitoring and reviewing system for the NAP process; and iii) disseminated on relevant portals other relevant networks including NAP GSPs and UNFCCC platforms”.

The work is to be undertaken in close consultation and coordination with the NAP Project Management Unit (PMU), the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) and the Climate Change Research and Cooperation Center (CCRCC), as well as the consultants’ teams under the NAP project that are developing the National Adaptation Plan for Mongolia, Monitoring and Evaluation system for NAP and the Production of Communication Materials.


The objective of this assignment is to develop a tool / template to capture and analyze success, failures, lessons learned of the NAP process in Mongolia, using a methodology for capturing information that eventually will facilitate communication of project and climate change adaptation related products to a relevant wide range of stakeholders at national and international levels and use these in future climate change adaptation processes.


The selected entity will develop a template to document and analyze the success, failure, and lessons learned from the formulation, implementation, funding and monitoring of the NAP process taking into consideration previous relevant initiatives on adaptation in Mongolia. This includes the following specific tasks:

-       Collect and produce an inventory of all materials produced  (e.g. documents, reports, communication products, outreach materials, briefs, notes, minutes, project data and monitoring reports, etc.) from the NAP process from 2018 onwards

-       Review of the Strategic Roadmap for stakeholder engagement in the NAP process verifying success of the coordination mechanism;

-       Investigate and collate an inventory of the project related existing databases with PMU, UNEP, MET and others

-       Review all above collected and captured materials for Lessons Learned and possible use as basis for communication materials

-       Discuss with all project proponents (PMU, MET, UNEP, GCF) and wider clients and stakeholders on their experiences and Lessons Learned from the NAP process;  

-       Design a tool / template / database that:

o    captures, stores and analyzes all project related data, materials and Lessons Learned,

o    Captures and stores other related and relevant materials, e.g. Policies, Regulations, legal documents on relevant climate change elements, briefs, workshop reports, relevant outreach materials, other project documents, etc.

o    Includes,  captures and analyzes the NAP M&E data and results.

o    Links with other national and international on-line climate change related tools and websites(e.g. NAP GSP, UNFCCC, NAP Global Network, GCF, UN, Development Banks, etc.)

o    Has appropriate specifications, including Quality assurance checklist and parameters for measuring the use of the tool (visits, downloads, etc.)

-       Develop system requirements and data flow chart for an online tool of the above mentioned template and oversee the development to a fully operational online tool.

-       Test the Database tool

The tool/template intends to enable and facilitate information sharing, raise public awareness, and to promote knowledge and best practices on climate change adaptation in Mongolia, in order to increase coordination of multi-stakeholder engagement, and ensure future coherent implementation of the national climate efforts. It will contain information of all relevant climate change projects in Mongolia, is linked to the NAP and NDC ME systems and includes elements for future Monitoring, Review and Verification processes and activities in climate change. The Tool will be eventually managed by the Climate Change Department under MET and /or CCRCC.


An entity/ team comprising of a minimum of three professionals who

•       Have MA / MSc degree in Communication and Knowledge Management (at least 1 person), Environment / Climate Change (at least 1 person), IT (at least 1 person) and other possible relevant backgrounds.

•       Have at least 3 years of experience in developing knowledge management and communication systems for shared use;

•       Knowledge and expertise in climate and meteorological sciences, environmental science, environmental management or other related fields;

•       Experience in developing or designing online databases and knowledge management tools or systems;

•       Experience in working with international organizations is an asset;

•       Advanced skills and able to work and effectively communicate in Mongolian and  English;

•       Team members posses solid working and communication skills as well as being able to work under tight deadlines


Interested entity is encouraged to submit the following documents:

1.        Expression of Interest including Technical proposal

2.        CVs of key team members, indicating all educational backgrounds, past experience of similar projects; the contact details (email and telephone number) and names of at least three (3) referees.

3.        Evidence of similar assignments undertaken in the recent past e.g., certified copy of official documents/publications, knowledge management tools, websites, etc.. evidencing the entity’s experiences in such assignments and possible reviews of clients

4.        A Financial Offer that indicates all inclusive fixed total price including professional fees, taxes and associated costs.

All supporting documents mentioned above (1-4) must be submitted as one document in a single sealed envelope with position applying for, date and signature on it.

The evaluation process is subject to United Nations Procurement rules. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Only short-listed entities will be contacted, and a successful entities will be notified.

Application in English and Mongolian languages is requested to be submitted in one sealed envelope to the following address before 16 hours on 10 April March 2023. For the project address, contact the project at

Address: 303, Margad Center, Oyutnii street, 8th khoroo, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

E-mail:; Phone: 77091142

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