Project Overview:

1. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved $38 million in loans to develop ecotourism in Khuvsgul Lake National Park and Onon-Balj National Park to serve as models for economically inclusive development and conservation in Mongolia. The project will help transform two national parks in Khuvsgul and Khentii aimags (provinces) as models for economically inclusive tourism and conservation in the protected area network, by improving park infrastructure, sanitation, and capacity to manage tourism growth sustainably. The designs emphasize tourism benefits for communities, protection of natural capital, and climate-resilient facilities; and scale up from previous grant projects in each park.

2. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism is the Executing Agency of the project. The EA now invites the qualified candidates to apply for the Environment safeguard specialist position. The specialist shall be full-time staff of the Project implementation unit based in Ulaanbaatar, with a service duration 12 months and will be extended upon necessity and performance. Under the supervision of the project coordinator, the staff will work closely with the other PIU staff, KLNP and OBNP Administrations, soum governments, and other relevant stakeholders, to ensure effective implementation of the project EMP. (national, PIU-based with frequent field travel).

Qualifications and Experience 

The consultant will have:

(i) Bachelor’s degree or above in relevant field and 5 years of relevant experience in environmental management;

(ii) demonstrated experience in environmental impact assessment (EIA) and/or management for projects financed by ADB and/or other multilateral development organizations;

(iii) strong participatory and facilitation skills, to work with local stakeholders and facilitate consultations resulting in positive outcomes and dialogue;

(iv) willingness to regularly travel to all project construction sites;

(v) national certification for environmental assessment, management, and/or monitoring will be an advantage;

(vi) good command of spoken and written English.

Specific duties and responsibilities

(i)        Quickly become familiarized with the project initial environmental examination, EMP, domestic EIAs approved by ADB and the government during project preparation, social surveys and consultations, and loan- and project-specific assurances related to the environment.

(ii)       Work closely with the other PIU team members, MET environmental and social officers assigned to the project, contractors, and other stakeholders, for effective implementation of the EMP, including mitigation, monitoring, and reporting.

(iii)      Establish positive and effective working relationships with stakeholders to ensure the EMP is implemented smoothly and that any compliance issues are reported and addressed quickly. 

(iv)      Identify whether the final approved DEDs are consistent with the preliminary designs approved during project preparation; and confirm whether the EMP requires updating. In the event that updates to the EMP are required, discuss and submit the proposed changes to MET and ADB for review and endorsement. Work closely with the PIU, MET and contractors to ensure that no civil works proceed until the EMP is confirmed to be adequate, or any revisions are approved.

(v)       Provide on-the-job training for the PIU, contractors, and other stakeholders as needed to ensure that all agencies are aware of their roles and responsibilities for implementation of the EMP, including the grievance redress mechanism (GRM).

(vi)      With the PIU social, gender, and civil society specialist, MET environment and social officers, and other stakeholders, establish the project GRM. Plan and implement regular and meaningful stakeholder consultations throughout the project implementation, to ensure that (a) the GRM is well understood and known by all stakeholders, (b) any grievances are quickly reported and addressed, and (c) stakeholders, especially local communities and CSOs working in the project areas, are well informed of progress relating to environmental safeguards and management for the project.

(vii)     Screen all proposed activities against the EMP, and work with PIU members and other stakeholders to ensure the project activities comply with the EMP, as well as the KLNP and OBNP management plans, and all relevant national laws.

(viii)    Facilitate on-site inspections by government agencies to ensure timely environmental certification and approvals of the completed civil works.

(ix)      Prepare semi-annual environmental monitoring reports to document progress for implementation of the project environmental safeguards. Submit the reports to the PIU project coordinator and MET for review and consolidation with the semi-annual progress reports to be submitted to MET and ADB.

(x)       Support the PIU project coordinator in other tasks related to environment safeguards as needed.

(xi)      Coordinate with PIU, MET and ADB officials in the relevant field

(xii)      Support PIU internal operation

(xiii)    Perform the duties and obligation within the approved timeframe and report its implementation


Interested candidates shall submit an application consisting of the following documents, prepared in English language:

-       Cover letter (maximum two pages);

-       Curriculum vitae in English using ADB format;

-       Reference letter from the previous employers;

-       Copies of all diplomas and certificates.

-       Copy of national identification card

Deadline for the submission of application:

A hardcopy of applications for vacancy shall be submitted to the PIU office located at Max Tower, 6th floor #600, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Phone: 7777-1501.

All documents should be submitted no later than 17:30 on August 11, 2023. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview. Lack of required documents will lead to disqualification from the evaluation.

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